Proudly Introducing the SILAC® Inner Circle

A new loyalty & rewards program focused on appreciating you.
Our commitment remains to growing your business by making it easier to do business with us.
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To qualify, you must write $2,500,000 in issued premium within a calendar year.
Once qualified, you gain access to Inner Circle benefits.
Your membership continues through the end of the following year.



Earn a bonus on issued premium!

Please contact SILAC for more details.
$0.00 - 2.49
$2.50 - 4.99
$5.00 - $7.49
$7.50 - 9.99


Receive an elevated level of service that includes:
• Dedicated Inner Circle Team that will handle all service needs
• Top of the queue priority calls
• Expedited processing


Attend a SILAC-hosted event in Salt Lake City where you can visit our home office and meet the SILAC team.


Heightened gifting experiences with incredibly great swag throughout the year.

Inner Circle also includes our once-in-a-lifetime Players Circle Trip

Qualifiers will join us on a private, luxury Danube river cruise, where we will explore Passau, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest.
QUALIFICATION PERIOD: Premium must be submitted January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023 and issued by January 31, 2024
The top 60 producers will receive an invitation to attend.
This trip will take place in JULY 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions


We will notify Inner Circle qualifiers after reaching $2,500,000 in issued premium.

How does the agent bonus program work?

The bonus paid is based on total issued premium according to the product weights of 100% for FIA and 50% for MYGA premium. Premium must be submitted 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023 and issued by 1/31/2024. Once a new tier is achieved, the bonus paid is retro’d back to the first dollar within the calendar year. For example, if you have $8 million issued premium according to the premium weights, then you will earn a bonus on the entire $8 million premium. Bonus will be paid annually.

How does top of the queue work with the SILAC experience?

When you call into our service line, our phone system will automatically route your call to the Inner Circle team. You will need to complete a form listing all your phone numbers (i.e.- office, cell phone, direct line, back office, assistant, etc.) Your phone numbers will be programmed into our system so you will be prioritized as an Inner Circle member. You will be greeted by an Inner Circle service representative who can assist you with all your service needs.

Can an agent be removed from the Inner Circle?

Yes, SILAC will regularly monitor production. If your issued premium falls below the qualifying issued amount, then you may be removed from the program.

Does my SILAC team stay the same?

Yes, your Sales Team contact will remain the same.

Are debit balances factored into the qualification criteria?

Yes. Free looks and cancellations will be subtracted from issued premium.
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