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Annuities are an investment that provide tax-deferred accumulation while you're saving, which later turns into a steady stream of income when you retire. While there are many different types, SILAC provides fixed annuities, which include multi-year guaranteed annuities and fixed-indexed annuities. Every option comes with a set of riders, which are benefits that you can utilize as your annuity grows. Your advisor will go over all of our plan options to help find one that best fits your goals, and you can relax knowing that there are no fees and you can't lose money on your annuity.


Saving for retirement is becoming more important as people live longer. Interest rates and stock market prices fluctuate and cannot guarantee at what rate your savings will grow. Fixed Annuities are designed to help you achieve your financial goals for retirement savings. They provide insurance against major financial risks such as market losses and outliving your money. Some plans even have bonuses that accumulate on top of your interest rates and allow you to pay for major life expenses as they happen. Think college tuition, care for elderly family members, natural disasters...the list goes on. Annuities also allow you to get paid the way you want - you will receive a consistent income during retirement that can be passed onto someone of your choice if you were to pass away. If you're looking for a secure way to grow your retirement fund and have more financial stability for life's unexpected events, an annuity may be right for you.

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