The Tetons are a relatively young mountain range in Wyoming that are still growing. In the annuity world, we would say they are still accumulating. What a perfect name to tie our flagship accumulation product to!

The SILAC Teton® and Teton Bonus Series® is our fixed index annuity product suite that specializes in accumulation. The Teton® Bonus series provides the perfect combination of upfront premium bonus paired with accumulation. Both offer growth and protection of your retirement savings.

There are 5-, 7-, 10-, and 14-year versions available so that you can find the term that best suits your needs. It automatically comes with one fixed interest and many indexed crediting strategies.

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Elevation™ and Elevation Plus™ are both optional riders that can be added to any Teton® or Teton® Bonus policy. Elevation™ provides enhanced liquidity benefits. Elevation Plus™ provides an additional premium bonus and enhanced liquidity benefits. There is an annual spread that applies during the withdrawal charge period.