FIAs allow you to participate in market performance without suffering market losses.

Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) provide accumulation tied to the performance of an underlying index paired with protection from market downturns.

Vega: A SILAC Fixed Index Annuity Series

Are you looking for income that can increase and wealth transfer benefits?

The SILAC Vega® Series is a comprehensive fixed indexed annuity focused on the accumulation of retirement benefits. It offers multiple income options, growth, and an enhanced legacy benefit to navigate retirement. This supercharged benefit accumulation, paired with multiple benefits that can be fine-tuned to your specific needs, provides A GALAXY OF RETIREMENT OPPORTUNITIES

Denali: Retirement Elevated

Would you like accumulation and lifetime income?

The SILAC Denali Series™ provides guarantees where you need guarantees and flexibility where you need flexibility. The right combination ensures you are ready for life's uncertainties and leads to a

SILAC Teton logo

Are you focused on accumulation?

The SILAC Teton Series® specializes in accumulation - without any distractions. It also has a cumulative withdrawal benefit to help with life's uncertainties.


  1. Competitiveness

    Our products are designed to fill a specific need, whether that be guaranteed accumulation, indexed accumulation, etc.

  2. Transparency

    For every product feature that is added, we make sure it is transparent, not overly complicated and adds value.

  3. Consistency

    In order to maintain consistency in rates over time, we spend the same amount on option budgets each year. That means great rates and renewals.

  4. A Financial Responsibility

    We offer financially responsible products that align you, your insurance agent, and the SILAC, ensuring that all of our interests are aligned. We strive to create products that offer true value without an "window dressing."