Four years after launch, it’s time to take Teton® to the next level.
Elevation™ and Elevation Plus™ are both optional riders that can be added to any Teton® or Teton® Bonus policy. Elevation™ provides enhanced liquidity benefits. Elevation Plus™ provides an additional premium bonus and enhanced liquidity benefits. There is an annual spread that applies during the withdrawal charge period.
Elevation Plus™ offers an additional premium bonus on all premiums deposited during the 1st policy year.

This premium bonus can apply to Teton® or Teton® Bonus.
Elevation™ and Elevation Plus™ both offer enhanced liquidity benefits:

10% free withdrawals

50% cumulative withdrawals

Elevation™ can help provide Peace of Mind by offering benefits to assist you in life's unexpected events:
Life Event Withdrawal – Provides an additional 10% free withdrawal if certain qualifying events occur. Available with Elevation™ & Elevation Plus™.

Caregiver Benefit – Provides access to the account value if the owner or the owner’s spouse meets various health conditions. Available with Elevation Plus™.
Thursday, June 29 at 10:30 am CT:  Elevation™ kickoff & training link can be found here.
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SILAC® is licensed as SILAC Life Insurance Company in the state of California, license #6244-8. The annual spread is a percentage of the account value, the spread will never exceed the interest credit for the policy year. Withdrawal charges, bonus recovery and market value adjustment may apply to withdrawals made during the withdrawal charge period. Interest credit amount is not indicative of future performance. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. See Teton® & Teton® Bonus Elevation™ Certificate of Disclosure for more details. This is a product of the insurance industry and not guaranteed by a bank, nor insured by FDIC or NCUA/NCUSIF. Product availability may vary by state. In Idaho, policy form is ELCFIA-ID. Not a deposit. Not insured by a federal government agency. Restrictions apply. May only be offered by a licensed agent.

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