Vice President of Customer Experience

Kylie Gormly is the Vice President of Annuity Customer Service for SILAC® and in charge of managing the E-Team (policyowner service) processes and services to ensure a smooth and positive customer experience.

After graduating from William Jewell College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Kylie dedicated her career to annuities. Beginning as an inside sales rep in the IMO Channel for RBC Insurance, she continued through the RBC-Athene merger, moved to a global corporate training position with Woople, then spent three years as a recruiter at an IMO specializing in agent training before moving to a Senior Training Development Consultant with Waddell & Reed. Mrs. Gormly finally joined the SILAC® team in early 2019 as the Director of Policy Owner Services. Top experience includes individual agent and group training/presentations, Virtual Training Management, Sales and Management Training, Broker Dealer Marketing Channels, and IMO/FMO Distribution Channels.

Mrs. Gormly has greatly advanced the effectiveness of our service department, but particularly by tripling the size of our annuity team and the educating each member about the products and industry. Seeing them through the first annual statements, the launch of SILAC’s® customer portal, two fixed index annuity product launches, reallocation letters, and a lot of realignment of the department, she works with her teams daily from taking phone calls to answering questions. Mrs. Gormly has been a very welcome addition to the team.

Vice President of Customer Experience
15 + years of experience