Executive Vice President of Corporate Development

Ms. Cuneo is the Executive Vice President for SILAC®, Inc., SFIG and all the insurance companies. She also serves on the Board of Directors. Ms. Cuneo’s focus is on the strategic development of the companies through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. Ms. Cuneo is a member of the Company’s Investment Committee. Prior to joining Sterling Investors, Ms. Cuneo spent over 35 years in the financial services sector, including private equity.

Before joining BTTF CAPITAL, LLC, Ms. Cuneo was a partner in the Devlin Group, LLC, a firm involved in the acquisition of insurance and financial technology companies. She led the negotiation and purchase of Forethought Financial Services, Inc., which specializes in pre-need and annuity type products. She was also responsible for the Nx Light acquisition, a company that services the insurance sector, amongst others, with a secured electronic signature product.

From 1992 through 2001, she was an Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Conseco, Inc. and President of Conseco Capital Partners, the alternative equity subsidiary of Conseco. Ms. Cuneo was instrumental in the formation of Conseco Capital Partners II, L.P., an acquisition partnership formed with $624 Million of commitments from 35 limited partners including the California Public Employee Retirement System and the State of Michigan Pension Fund.

Prior to Conseco, Ms. Cuneo was a corporate officer of General Electric Capital Corp. At GE Capital she was responsible for over 40 transactions including $2 Billion in leveraged buyouts of insurance companies. Ms. Cuneo started her career with the General Accounting Office both in New York City and Washington, DC.

During the Reagan administration, Ms. Cuneo was selected as a Presidential Executive Exchange Fellow. She graduated with honors from the College of New Rochelle and received an MBA from Iona College. She attended the Executive Development Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Currently Ms. Cuneo serves on the Board of Directors of Duke Realty Corporation, a leader in commercial real estate.

Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
40+ years of experience